Rental Procedures

October 15th, 2010

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Congratulations! Thank you for choosing us for your Paris vacations.

Here is the rental process:

1-    Please open, read, complete and sign the attached Reservation Agreement.

Email it back to me.

2-¬†¬†¬† Mail the original paperwork with the first payment. For example: if ¬†the rental rate is $200/night for 9 nights, ¬Ĺ ¬†the rental rate (200×9=1800 / 2 = $900)

3-    At reception of your paperwork and your first payment, I will execute the document and confirm by email that your dates are locked, and fax/mail it back to you: then and only then are your dates reserved. Time is of the essence and only when our contract is executed that your dates are reserved.

4-    30 days prior to your arrival I need to receive the balance payment: the other half of the full Rental rate (1,800/2=$900), plus the security damage deposit ($500 for stay less than 2 weeks or $1,000 for 2 weeks or more)

5-¬†¬†¬† At reception of the balance payment, I will email you the ‚ÄúRental Instructions‚ÄĚ document in which you will find all the pertinent details for your stay: entry code, phone number of the residence, contact information of the Manager‚Ķ

6-    It is your responsibility to contact the manager by email with your scheduled plane arrival and departure and arrange the check-in and check-out time.

7-    The Manager will wait for you in the residence at a pre-determined time, and will check you in: tour of the residence, explain how appliances work, schedule with you the check-out time and leave you the keys.

8-    At check-out time, pre-arranged with the Manager, he will do a visual inspection of the residence and get the keys back from you.

9-    Within 15 days, I will refund your security deposit, given the Manager confirmed that the residence was in order at your departure, with or without adjustments for extra cleaning, damages, late or early arrival/departure, phone use etc…l.

This process works really well, but let me know if you have any questions or concerns for I am here to assist you.  Mr. Bernardo and I are very much looking forward to host you in my personal Paris residence!

Download Rental Agreement 


Muriel Martin-Gold